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Please use your E-Mail and Password for Login and type capital and small chracters accordingly. It can be as well that your account has been temporarely closed than please contact Gastrobroker.

The delivery and insurance has to settled between Buyer and Seller.

This to be settled between Buyer and Seller. Gastrobroker cannot give any guarantee for the shown products, because Gastrobroker is not selling the Products itself, Gastrobroker gives the occasion to buy and sell products on this plattform. The trade takes place between Buyer and Seller.

As soon as you are registerd as Advertiser, you will find all details and conditions. A registration is free of charge!

Hotels, Resaturants, Wine dealers and as well private persons who will sell and buy there products on this plattform.

For who:
For Resaturants, Hotel, Winedealers and as well as for all other consumer and investment companies which are producing or selling there goods and services.

How is the Advertiser Module working:

There are 3 Levels and 3 spaces for different pages in this Website. 1st level is Home, 2nd level are all pages which are visible without any registration or login, in the 3rd level are the spaces for the logged in account pages. Maximum 3 spaces are displayed per page. Each space can be booked for 15 seconds within 1 Minute, 30 seconds within 1 Minute, 45 seconds within 1 Minute or premanent. In other words 1 space can be booked maximum from 4 customers per Minute. After 1 Minute the cycle starts from new. If someone books permanent then the space is booked fix minum for a month or longer with his picture and weblink.

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